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Victor Alston

Venture Funding

Victor Alston is a multi-talented professional living in California where he’s built quite a career for himself in the real estate development industry.

Alongside his real estate work, Victor Alston is also skilled and driven in venture funding, an aspect of his career that he’s grown significantly over the years. He is the Managing Partner at Dragon Capital, a venture funding firm that grew from a side venture into a full-blown firm. 

Towards the onset of his career, Victor Alston, ever the entrepreneur, started several businesses which he was also managing. He began working in real estate development at the same time that he purchased a few small tech companies on the side just to have a go at it.  While managing his businesses, Victor found that rather enjoyed the venture capital work he’d gotten into on the side. 

The first company that Victor Alston started was called Big Machines, a venture he started right out of college. At the time, he received funding from a few venture capital companies and was able to build the business to a point where he sold it to Oracle. Then, he founded a business called Ixia, where, in May of 2012, he assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer. From its inception to taking on the role of CEO, Victor has been instrumental in architecting the success that Ixia has seen, from its time as a startup to the business’s growth to a $350 million per year revenue-generating powerhouse for enterprise IT solutions. 

Victor Alston’s experience in the areas of mergers and acquisitions grew throughout his time with Ixia as the CEO. Throughout his tenure, he learned a lot about steering a business, what it takes to find an ideal company to acquire, and how to pick which ones to move on. 

In his work in venture funding, Victor Alston primarily focuses on diverse funds and late-stage tech investments. Where he once focused his time and energy on acquiring small seed businesses which would generate little to no revenue for the venture funding party, he’s now primarily looking to invest in businesses that are already doing $30-$70 million in revenue, a more interesting and rewarding investment for the partners. Victor also likes to marry together his professional interests in mutually beneficial ways, and will often invest in the businesses located in the neighborhoods that he’s developing. 

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