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Many people aspire to be great entrepreneurs. The majority, however, face many challenges when starting a business. The challenge is mainly on raising venture capital. Minority groups such as blacks and women are more likely to face this challenge. One of the best ways of raising capital is pitching for a venture capitalist. Getting a venture capitalist requires skills and knowledge. Here are the best tips to apply while looking for an investor to scale up an enterprise.

Narrating the entrepreneurial journey is one of the tips. This is very crucial, especially because new businesses don’t have much data on revenue and users. One needs to show the investors the distance traveled. Tell all the wins and challenges that you have encountered at the business. The purpose of narrating the entrepreneurial journey is to sell the vision. It is an effort to prove commitment towards fulfilling the business mission. Showcase that despite the storm, the business is still running. Another tip to assist one find an investor is that of learning to talk VC. Appreciate that investors are out to make profits. Demonstrate to them that the business can make profits. Explain in real numbers. Show that there is a gap in the market that needs to be filed. Show a clear understanding of the various demographics that affect your business.

Snooping the venture capitalists is vital. One must know who these venture capitalists are. Check them on their social media pages, listen to their podcasts, and read their blogs. Please get to know their school of thought on some issues. Know their thinking on issues especially related to business. Try and find something similar between yourselves. Bring out that similarity during meetings to break the ice. Before scheduling an appointment with any investor, also make sure you know your “why.”

It means that besides profit, there is another reason that is pushing you to do that kind of business. Investors will not fail to pump in their money where the why is strong enough. Finally, always ask for help while looking for an investor to scale up your business. The majority of people who get venture capital have the backing of an expert. An expert helps in arranging documents and points to present. They’ll assist one to avoid mistakes while pitching for venture capital.